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With Yahoo Messenger you can call and talk over the Internet just like you're on the phone. All you need is a headset, or a microphone and speakers. It's that easy - just click the Call button. If the party on the other site is offline, you can leave a voice mail.
You can also get much better sound quality than regular phone lines. There is real difference.
Find, add, share friends... It's easier than ever to add and invite friends to Messenger. You can even send your contact information to a friend's Address Book.

Editor's reviews:
Yahoo?s Instant Messenger or IM has been around since 1998, and in this time the People at Yahoo continue to make it better and better. You can chat with people world wide, if you don?t have email well do not worry, when you sign up for the Yahoo IM you get an email account with it. The same is true if you already have Yahoo mail, you have and IM id. Yahoo is continually providing updates and their customer service is excellent.

The Pros to Yahoo are numerous, such as Chat Rooms you can search for in your instant messenger. You also have an easy way to add friends by simply putting in the Yahoo ID or email address. Yahoo?s recent version gives you the ability to even add your MSN friends. Yahoo IM also allows you to share photos by either browsing for them or simply dragging them into the chat window. You can create a unique Yahoo ID that represents the real you or the cyber you. You can also add alternate personalities to your Yahoo ID, giving you the freedom to play around. Yahoo has many versions available and works extremely well with Windows.
Yahoo also offers Plug-ins, file sharing, off line message retrieval, you can play games in either the IM or at their website, making your get together time a little more. You can also chat with MSN messengers now too.

There are a few cons to the Yahoo IM program, such as the download size, if you are using Dial up this can take a while. However the download installer can be saved to disk making the next time you have to run the program easier. Yahoo IM is now available for Mac users but has a long way to go to catch up with the Windows version. If you and your friend have different versions of Yahoo IM then you may find that you cannot share all of the features.

Yahoo IM can it get any better than this? Why yes it can, thanks to the developers at Yahoo they are constantly changing updating, making the Yahoo IM even better than the one before it. When it comes to IM?s Yahoo is definitely the way to go, and because of this I am giving it a rousing 9.

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